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Stickymoose upgrades

We just finished implementing some design and usability upgrades.  What’s new:

  • Our new wizard makes it even easier to create your Stickymoose;
  • You can now see who voted on an idea;
  • The administrator of a Stickymoose can now also delete participants’ comments;
  • The general look&feel has been improved.

When making changes, we always try to take our users’ feedback into account.  For example, some users in the educational realm (e.g. teachers) found the “bachelor party” example on our website somewhat inappropriate if they wanted to use Stickymoose with students.  Very valid feedback!  So we changed our layout so that this example is only visible on the homepage, but not on the pages for Stickymoose participants.

So, keep your feedback coming, it’s important to us!