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StickyMoose is born!

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Hello world! My name is Moose. StickyMoose.

After 4 months of growing in the womb of the beta-tester community, I’m finally mature enough to expose myself to the entire world. And although I still need to grow, I’m confident that you will like me…

Who am I?

  • I am a web application that gets rid of your email tsunamis when organizing an event.
  • I will assist you to put any question (what needs to be decided) online, invite your friends to share their ideas and vote on each other’s ideas.
  • I am a fast, easy and free. The perfect solution for organizing  a ski trip, a bachelor’s party or your next weekend going out with friends.

Who am I not?

  • I’m not poll tool such as Doodle. With me, participants can not only vote on ideas & dates, but also add new ideas & dates.
  • I’m not a sophisticated project management app. Just because I’m not that smart and complex. You need me for organizing an event or trip, not for setting up the next presidential election campaign.
  • I’m not wooly nor WEB 2.0. I’m quite down to earth. Just a small tool used amongst a small number of people to settle a problem. That’s all. If you like to ask all your Facebook friends how to obtain World Peace, please use another tool.

Ok, that’s all folks. Now stop reading and check me out on:




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